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St Kieran Newsletter Week 3 2019

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St Kieran Newsletter Week 3 2019

School Communication
Over the past few years, we have attempted to communicate to our community through various means, some successful, some less so. When we requested feedback from our parent community last year one resounding message was the need to shrink the different places that information came and where our community members went to look for information regarding everyday events.

We have tried to meet this need by moving to a new platform for our messaging, school app and Parent Teacher booking platform that will now be under the one umbrella. We have, in partnership with Schoolzine, tried to create an environment online for parents that meets many of the needs so described and hopefully will cut down on the duplication of services as well as the many different locations that these will be found.

We will be replacing the Skoolbag app over the remainder of the term and replacing it with the SZapp (Schoolzine App) that will contain a much easier to navigate palate, including direct entry into the canteen site as well as a number of other items.

Our newsletter today is being delivered on the Schoolzine platform that has many of the important day to day items our parents require to keep up to date with our school and the needs of their children. Can I say it is difficult to ensure that we have just the right amount of communication as the needs of our parents vary greatly but we will continue to do our best to provide different avenues to access the same information to ensure everyone is suitably informed.

Year 6 Camp
Our Year 6 students spent 3 days last week at the Point Walter camp site. They had a fabulous time undertaking many activities which were designed to be very challenging to them both physically and mentally. Being out of your comfort zone was certainly an experience for many students and being away from parents is always a great opportunity to grow and shine.

A very big thank you to those staff members who left their own families for the duration of the camp in order for the St Kieran children to have a great time – Mrs Hart, Mrs Stanford, Mrs Shaw, Miss Oregioni, Mrs Berti and Mrs Dragacevic. Without the dedication of these people, the camp would not have been possible.

Before & Afterschool
It is lovely to see so many families gathering before and after school for a quick play on the playground. Please remember that parents must be ACTIVELY supervising their children. Before school, the children are not allowed on the climbing equipment unless they are with a parent supervising them. Please try to keep your children out of the sandpits as these often bring wet sand into the classroom at the beginning of the school day. A reminder that all children should be wearing a hat when outside before school unless they are undercover.

In the afternoons, it is important that all families leave the school before the gates get locked at 3:30pm as this is the time that active supervision finishes and on many occasions, staff will need to attend to other duties such as meetings. If you wish to continue playing then you might like to walk down to Grenville and play on the playground facilities at this venue.

Peter Cutrona

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Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening, severe allergic reaction and should always be treated as a medical emergency. Anaphylaxis occurs after exposure to an allergen (usually to foods, insects or medicines), to which a person is allergic. Not all people with allergies are at risk of anaphylaxis.

In our school we try to be allergy aware, meaning that we request that certain food groups do not appear at school in any form and that we promote good food choices. Anything with nuts is just a complete NO GO! We have a number of students who anaphylactic to nuts, whether they be peanuts, cashews or pine nuts. Bars that contain nuts or nuts by themselves should not come to school. 

Any children should not be sharing any food with someone else. Last week we had an incident where a child shared a processed bar that was full of nuts and another child had an anaphylactic reaction. This could have been deadly! 

Please ensure you carefully chose food that comes to school as the repercussions for poor choices could have a devastating effect on someone else.

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Next Friday 1 March the school will celebrate the Feast of St Kieran alongside Carnevale celebrations. Carnevale is an Italian word derived from the Latin carnem (meat) and levare (remove), corresponding to English "carnival". It is a traditional Christian celebration which marks the beginning of Lent, the period of 40 days before Easter during which no meat is eaten. As the school will be closed on Shrove Tuesday (the last day before Lent begins) Father Wilson suggested we combine Carnevale with St Kieran Day and celebrate on Friday 1st of March.

The day will begin with a whole school Mass at 9am. Fun activities have been planned throughout the day including a bouncy castle at Adventure. Students are encouraged to wear FRESS DRESS for a gold coin donation. All money raised will go to Caritas – Projection Compassion.

Mrs Doepel
Assistant Principal

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Tuesday 5 March is a Pupil Free Day (day after the PUBLIC HOLIDAY on Monday 4 March).

Staff will be undertaking training around the Keeping Safe Program which is the preferred Protective Behaviours program for Catholic Schools in WA.

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1-2-3 Magic - Is a whole school programme designed to assist teachers in managing student behaviour and build children’s emotional resourcefulness. Recent brain research suggests the importance of giving children practice at managing their emotions. With this programme, children learn about their feelings and are taught how to manage their emotional selves in order to become more resilient and make better choices. It also enables teachers to focus on teaching with minimal interruptions and distractions. Each classroom has a “Refresh zone” where students can self-regulate after their 3rd warning.

This is a positive disciplining approach and moves ownership to the students, who have developed rules and behaviour expectations to follow at school.

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St Kieran Catholic Primary School will be conducting Kindy 2020 interviews in the next few weeks.

If your child is born between 1/7/2015 - 30/6/2016 please ensure you have logged an enrollment application.
You can access an enrollment application via our website or pop into the office for an application form.
Any queries please do not hesitate to contact the office 63832600.

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Our School Photos will be taken on:

Tuesday 12th of March 2019
Wednesday 13th of March 2019
Thursday 14th of March 2019

A running sheet timetable will be sent out the week prior to photo days.

Class Photos/Portraits:

  • Every Student will have their photo taken, whether they are purchasing photos or not.
  • The school has chosen to use the online ordering system. Your child will be given an online ordering instruction slip and a unique student shootkey. Log onto  and follow the prompts to place your order.
  • The expiry date for online ordering is the 30 March 2019. Any orders received after this date will incur a $30.00 archive fee. You can email your order request through to or phone MSP office on 08 9240 8000

Family Photos:

  • Envelopes can be obtained from the school Administration office.
  • Family photos are taken each morning before school and throughout the day.
  • Please ensure that your family envelope and payment are handed to the school office before photo day.
  • If you do not have the correct money, MSP Photography will provide any change needed when photos are delivered to school.
  • Family photos cannot be ordered online, pick up an Family photo order envelope from the school office.

Special/Sports Group Photos:

  • If your child is in a Special/Sports photo you will receive a link and password to the online gallery after photo day. You can then view and order if required. Photos will be delivered with the school’s bulk order.

Please Note:

Class Groups, Individuals and Family Photos are not available to view online

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This year's faction swimming carnival for years 4-6 will be held at the Craigie Leisure Centre on Friday 8th March. A timetable of events will be sent out by Mr Hort closer to the day.

You will find our excursion permission slips below. These will also be available via our new app. Can you please ensure that these are filled in and given to your child's teacher to ensure that your child is able to attend this event.

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